Hi Ian,
Although I work in an office in real life, I keep dreaming that I own a big trout farm but I have to spend all my time stopping poachers from stealing my trout. There is one massive fish that they keep trying to steal using a spinning reel on a rod and I usually end up fighting with the poachers in the water.
Yours, Colin

Dream Meaning
When you dream about fish, you are usually reflecting on how you use your intuition and experience in your waking life. The trout farm symbolises some valuable ideas that you have been working on that have the potential to make a lot of money for you. However, you are concerned that other people will try and steal your ideas without acknowledging the true value of your expertise. Although you have a lot of business ideas, there is one big one which is a real money spinner and you get very upset and emotional when others don’t recognise that you are the person who originally came up with the idea.