I have been having a recurring dream that I am on holiday and I can see a tsunami coming. Each time I have to run from the beach and up a hill. I have always had a family member with me. In one of the dreams the wave caught me but I was alive and rolling in the wave and I could see brightly coloured fish. I have no idea what this could mean.

When we dream of a tsunami, we are often anxious about being overwhelmed by a huge wave of emotion that is sweeping through us in waking life. Being on holiday in your dream suggests that you are currently doing something a bit different in your waking life that is helping you to feel happy and relaxed. However, you are concerned that there is a big change on the horizon that will really stir up your feelings and emotions.

This major change may involve your job, a family member or a romantic relationship and although you are trying to resist this change, you know deep down that it is inevitable. The hill that you run up in your dream represents the major effort that you are making in waking life to avoid this disruption by trying to distance yourself from your emotions. The family member indicates that this upheaval involves something or someone who is close to your heart.

The fish in your dream are reflections of bright ideas and inspirational moments that will guide you through this period of change. Being alive and rolling shows that you will be able to ride this wave of change and emerge from it feeling that you are much stronger and wiser person.