Hi Ian,
On two occasions I have dreamt that on looking upwards to the sky there have been two full moons side by side. In the first dream it was night and the sky was inky black. In the second dream it was morning and the sky was light blue. In both dreams I was aware that what I was looking at was awesome and tried to get other people to see this phenomenon too but no one was interested. What do these dreams mean?
Thanks Pat.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about the moon we are often reflecting on some significant event that has taken place in our waking lives. The moon is symbolising your unconscious awareness and drawing your attention to the fact that you often know far more than you consciously think you do. The full moon indicates a feeling of completion or fulfillment and you want to share this feeling with others because it seems so powerful to you.

Your first dream suggests that you unexpectedly experienced this feeling of fulfillment and felt that it was perhaps just a chance event. However, your second dream indicates that you have a much clearer understanding of how to actively fulfill your hopes and dreams, rather than just waiting for them  to happen to you. This is a powerful insight and you are keen to share it with others who may seem less fulfilled than you.

Although this insight is very meaningful for you, it may have less meaning for other people as it does not fully reflect their own individual experiences. Rather than trying to make other people understand what you have experienced, try using your empathy and insight to help them become more aware of what they find most meaningful in their own lives.