Hello Ian
I am having a recurrent dream about a white horse standing on layers of rock under water. The horse is standing on its back legs, rearing up as if to get attention. I am afraid the horse will drown so I pick up a child’s spade from the beach and start digging a hole in the water to get some air to the horse. The horse then jumps up the hole that I have created and I throw my arms around its neck. What does this mean?

When you dream about a white horse, you are starting to become aware of the power of your own wisdom. This has probably been triggered by an emotional situation in your waking life that is bringing your wise judgment to the attention of others. You have accumulated a wealth of experience over a number of years but what you have learned seems to have sunk deep into your unconscious. You would like to use this powerful intuition but cannot think of an obvious way to harness it.

You often use your experience in quite an analytical manner and are concerned that your logical approach will be overwhelmed by the feelings involved in the current situation. You begin to look for ways to bring a breath of fresh air to these emotionally fraught circumstances. The child’s spade represents an innocent but practical approach where you dig down to the fundamental issues.

By opening up to your instincts and saying what you really feel, your unconscious insights really start to leap out at you. The horse’s neck symbolises the strong connection between your rational head and your emotional heart and as you embrace this power, your wisdom is apparent for all to see.