[kml_flashembed movie=”http://ianwallacedreams.com/wp-content/uploads/flash/unfolding-clouds.swf” height=”180″ width=”240″ /]As we unconsciously search for our identities and gravitate towards what we value, we find ourselves on a journey that transports us through a variety of different viewpoints and perspectives. By shining our awareness out from these vantage points we begin to form beliefs about what we see being reflected back to us. So much of what we see can be confusing and conflicting so rather than trusting our own judgement we become filled with self doubt and uncertainty.

Instead of exploring our own uncertainties we often copy the beliefs of others because they seem more certain and tangible. Some beliefs are small; that if we cross our fingers we will have a favourable outcome. Some are bigger; such as believing that the Earth was once called Teegeeack and was used as an intergalactic holiday camp by Lord Xenu. Some people believe that the Earth is flat. Some people believe that pretending to think the Earth is flat will make them seem more interesting to others.

But our unconscious searching for what we truly believe in continually takes us beyond the flatlands of the adopted beliefs of others. In our waking lives we frequently use landscape metaphors as we describe our progress. ‘We have a mountain to climb’, ‘It’s all downhill from here’, ‘Oceans of experience’, ‘Beyond the horizon’. In our night time dreams we are often travelling around our inner landscapes and trying out different viewpoints; on an island; up a cliff; out at sea; in outer space. In the same way that science progresses, we move forward by evolving our views based on our observations.

As we journey through our dreamscapes our unconscious awareness transports us across whole ranges of opinions and fields of knowledge to build up a bigger picture. In waking life we are often expected to stick to one dogmatic viewpoint, but our unconscious awareness is constantly searching for that big picture that embraces all our views and beliefs. Depending on the circumstances, some of these beliefs may seem right to us and some may seem wrong to others. Trying to reconcile these beliefs to find out which ones reflect our own truths can be contradictory and paradoxical.

Our unconscious awareness can do something that our conscious intellect cannot; it can perceive and embrace an apparent paradox, moving beyond mere black and white beliefs into a wider and deeper awareness. As the 13th century Persian poet Rumi said ‘There is a field out beyond ideas of right and wrong. I will meet you there’. In that high field with its sweeping panoramic views is where we finally see and meet the truth of our own self. This is the promised land that so many of us search for.

All our travelling and all our searching is done with one destination in our hearts; to know our own truth. Our dreams are our most honest and authentic expression and they tell us truths that we would find unacceptable from any other source. They also make us aware of the truths of others. If we never listen to the truths of others and open ourselves to their possibilities, then we will never hear our own truths. To paraphrase Nietzsche, what we want to believe often prevents us from realising what we truly know.

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