Hello Ian

Firstly, thank you for reading my email. I have been having nightmares on and off for a couple of years now and they seem to have the same theme:

1. being a witness to someone being violently attacked and being unable to help them.
2. witnessing someone kill themselves. Both very scary and they wake me up feeling very fearful.
3. bumping into the object of my desire and he is wearing very heavy shoes that in some way have weights on them.

Many thanks for reading my mail.
Regards, Tracy.

Dream Meaning
When we experience recurring dreams it is often an indication that there is a situation in our waking lives that needs resolving. As you have had these dreams for a couple of years now, this may give you an idea of the time span that this situation has been present.

Dreaming of ‘witnessing a violent attack’ shows evidence of an inner conflict that you are currently observing; that may also be mirrored in your waking life. Death in a dream often represents transformation, so together they seem to reflect some discord within, involving a personal transformation. Your third dream gives us a bit more of an idea as to the nature of this process.

The object of your desire is male, which suggests a strong attraction to engage with your ability to be assertive. Bumping into him might reflect a chance or opportunity for this to happen. Shoes often represent status or signs of individual expression and how you are perceived publicly. The fact that they are heavy indicates a weight of importance, responsibility or even habitual ways of being that have been impeding your ability to assert your self-expression and hence your freedom to move forward.

There is a lot of energy present in your dreams, this may be what has caused you to wake fearfully, but it is yours to embrace and is the fuel for transformation. Embrace your opportunity to strike out on the right foot into a vibrant future with new dreams to explore!