Hi Dr Wallace, I keep dreaming about water and boats but I do not know why could you please try and explain what this means? Thank you.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about water, we are dreaming about our feelings and emotions. We hear this in our everyday day language when we use expressions like ‘a wave of emotion swept through me’ or ‘I was in floods of tears’. Your water dreams reflect the fact that you are an emotional and instinctive person who is probably very empathetic and understanding. However, you may sometimes find yourself being overwhelmed by your emotions and unsure of what to do.

Boats are vehicles of the water and they symbolise how you can navigate through the currents and tides of your own feelings. If you dream of sailing along on a tranquil sea then are you are probably feeling at ease with your emotions. If you dream that you are trying to sail across a stormy ocean and your boat is leaking, then there is some situation in your waking life that is giving you a sinking feeling and causing you anxiety.

The best way to work with your emotions is to establish some boundaries around them, in the same way that the banks of a river guide its water back to the sea. This will allow you to powerfully channel your feelings as you flow unstoppably towards your goal.