Hi Ian, just lately I have been having some very intense and weird dreams. The one that sticks out most I had about 2 weeks ago. I dreamt my current home had the exterior of my childhood home, but the layout and back garden of the home i live in now with my family. the bizarre part of the dream was I went to my patio doors at the rear of the house and saw half, not a whole, but half a killer whale full size lying on my patio. Now if that isnt strange enough it had draped in its jaws a white tiger, which at first appeared to be dead, but wasnt and then began roaming in my back garden. Which at this point was not much short of a mile long with a harbour at the end, my garden is 80ft long with another house at the bottom?? I locked myself in the house watching this tiger roam the garden and tried in vain to ring the police, but everytime I rang it went to other people than the police. I then started to panic as I was unsure as what to do, the next thing I am stood in the front ! garden of what was my childhood home looking at my family in the front door way. Then a work colleague, not really a close one at that walked in grabbed some cat biscuits and started to feed this white tiger. All the time I was panicking and worried people would not believe what was in my garden. It then transpired that fishermen from the harbour had caught the whale and put it on my patio for a joke and to wind me up. Not sure where the tiger came from. As drams go this is by far the most bizarre that I remember to the point it is lodged quite clearly in my mind. Very strange Ian, any ideas???

Dream Meaning
When we dream about a house, we are always dreaming about our self, so the childhood exterior may show how you are currently viewing a fundamental aspect of your own nature and are perhaps even reminiscing upon how things appeared in the past.

The half killer whale on the patio suggests that you are able to see a big opportunity laid out before you that feels quite literally like ‘a bit of a killer’. You may be required to express something that will bring your fierce independence (shown by the tiger) back to life. Both the whale and the tiger are ‘black and white’ so be aware not to view the situation too simplistically, it may also be that you need to involve ‘another half’ in order to achieve the whole aim.

Dreaming of a garden is often about the environment that we cultivate around our self in waking life. So retreating back into the security of your house shows a tendency to retreat from that ‘growing edge’ back into more familiar boundaries. From here you observe your colleague (who will be displaying some of your own qualities that you wish to employ, for example proactivity, bravery, confidence) showing you a way to satisfy your appetite for independence.

This dream reveals that you are ‘not much short’ of an outcome. By making the decision to take this opportunity and your own potential seriously, you will find that you are able to move forward with confidence, embracing your autonomy and landing the full weight of your good fortune.