Hi Ian, 

After reading a few of your responses to others dreams I thought I would send you a note about three dreams that I have had which seem to always puzzle me. 

The first occurred when I was quite young. I was about 7. I was sleeping in my bed and this wolf (dark in colour) came into my room through my window and advised that he had come for me. He showed me what he was capable of after I watched him strip my Mom and Sister of their clothes, tied everyone included my father to the bed and killed them, in my parents room. Took me back to my room put me in my bed and said he would be back for me. 

Years later when I was about 13 or so, he came back into my room though my window and reminded me that he was coming back for me. He didn’t hurt anyone this time- but just more or less paid me a visit. 

Last night (now age 28) I dreamt that my in-laws and my husband and I were out check cows and there he was the black wolf easting one of the calves- the calf was still alive and it’s innards were everywhere. Everyone tried killing the wolf, but none of the guns could shoot it, I was driving the truck trying to get away, he got in with me and said “I always told you I would be back for you”. I struggled with him, I wanted to kill him, tried several ways unsuccessfully. He just kept saying he was there for me- he wasn’t going to hurt anyone else he just wanted me. Finally my mother-in-law got a hold of him kind of roped him like a calf had all 4 legs tied together (you could see he was getting tired) and they said to slit his neck with the knife- I tried but I just ended up cutting his guts open. I then ran up a flight of stairs- he broke out of the ropes and leaped all the way to the top of the stairs stood over top of me and one last time said that he was there for me. I the! n kicked him with all my might, he flew down the stair and shriveled up into a little pile of nothing. 

I guess that I am fighting some sort of battle. But it is just interesting that the same character always comes back. 

Thanks for taking the time to read. Take care, 

Dream Meaning

When dreams recur they bring our attention to certain dynamics or behavior that we tend to repeat in our waking lives, by doing this they offer us the opportunity to perceive our situation differently and make necessary changes. This series of dreams also seem to have a cyclical feel, as they occur approximately every 7 years, which may indicate a more fundamental aspect of your nature at play.

Dreaming about a wild animal shows that we are reflecting on a particular aspect of our instinctive selves, so dreaming about a wolf suggests that you own certain wolf-like qualities on an intuitive level. Wolves are known for their fierce familial loyalty, intelligence, independence and power, they protect their pack and are capable of creating strong bonds that know no bounds. Symbolically wolves are highly regarded as being great teachers and are the carriers of valuable messages.

Your dreams bring awareness to the depth of significance you place on your family ties, as a child and now as an adult, and your commitment to them. The stripping of the clothes and the eating of the calf reveal some feelings of vulnerability as you perceive your closest relationships changing, transformation represented by the killing. Your wolf demonstrates a proficient ability to recognise and seize opportunities for transformation and has the power to bring it about.

The black or dark colouring shows that this energy still feels unfamiliar to you and so you sometimes struggle with/ try to escape from or try to kick this more untamed part of yourself, like you would a habit but he always comes back and tells you he is ‘there for you’. At times you may have felt criticized by others, or inhibited in your progress as a result of this unruly character but he is truly a gift for a powerful woman to own! By building his presence into your daily life he should not appear quite so fierce in future, and who knows, it may be a white wolf that comes to visit 7 years from now!

Perhaps asking yourself the following questions will help you become more closely acquainted with this aspect of your character:

Q-Where do you sometimes feel in conflict with your deeper loyalties?

Q-Who do you trust enough to spill out your deeper feelings to?

Q- Your wolf speaks clearly to you, how are you going to articulate your needs to him?