When working with children’s dreams, it’s clear to see that dreaming is a wonderful thing for a child to do. One of the fantastic things about dreams is the realization that the dream doesn’t happen to you, you actually happen to the dream and you create everything you experience in it. So what you do in your dream is you are creating a far better understanding of who you are, what you need, what you believe – it’s fantastic snapshot of who you are.  A dream is the ultimate selfie.

Elves and Goblins

Children’s dreams develop with age so between the ages of five and seven, children tend to dream more about fantastical creatures like elves and goblins and that’s all about understanding of power hierarchies, like kings queens of the elves and also about laws, so any fantastical creatures like elves and fairies are about that understanding of power hierarchy and what’s permitted in adult society.

Emotional Processing

One of the main functions of the child’s dream is emotional processing and children locate parts of their identity in other people. Dreams are about resolving the emotional tension, processing grief and from a very young age and understanding how to move on from it. And when you ask a child about their nightly dreams, you also find out more about about their dreams, their ambitions and aspirations for their waking lives.

Successful Parent

The more that you explore your child’s  dreams, both nightly and waking life, the more you will understand their unique character and how you can help them succeed in life. And as you build their confidence and help them to be more successful, this naturally becomes a reciprocal process where you will undoubtedly become a much more fulfilled and successful parent.