I was delighted when Orlando Parfitt, a content producer for Yahoo, asked me to describe the Top Ten Dreams and their meanings. Orlando has done  a brilliant job in publishing these Top Ten Dream descriptions and I’m really happy with how it looks.

One unexpected bonus of doing this piece was the opportunity to read the comments left by readers. Most of the comments fell into three categories, which were:

1. A genuine interest in dreams and dreaming with shared experience and identified meaning. It was great to read these and help to expand a wider dreaming awareness.

2. A complete refutal of any of the meanings because they didn’t comply with specific religious beliefs or teachings. My approach to working with dreams is always entirely secular and although many great religious traditions have emerged from the dreams of their respective prophets, this can lead to confusion when applied out of context.

3. Unprovoked vitriol caused by the fact that most people are quite rightly fed up of ‘dream experts’ who have no academic training and often just make stuff up, claiming to be psychic or intuitive. Unfortunately, this results in genuine dream professionals being incorrectly branded as charlatans and general cynicsm about the power of working with dreams. The upside of this, though, is that these vitriolic comments are unintentionally hilarious and kept me laughing for days.

It was good to have this information published on Yahoo because Yahoo Answers is one of the poorest reference sources to go and ask about dreams. Everyone who replies seems to be an ‘expert’ but invariably provides some really bad information with little insight.

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