Every night when you sleep, the dream imagery that you create is your way of making sense of all the individual experiences that you unconsciously absorb in day-to-day living. The most powerful way to put your dream insight into meaningful action is to work with the imagery that you create in your dreams so that you can apply it in your waking life.

Dreaming is also an intensely emotional experience and as you create the images in your dreams, you also re-experience all the emotions that you associate with them. The experiences that you most frequently relive in your dreams are those emotional aspects that can sometimes be very challenging to make clear and rational sense of in day-to-day reality.

The fundamental reason that working with your dream imagery is such a powerful way to realise your hopes and ambitions in waking life is that imagery is not just the language of your dreams, it is also the language of your emotions. In the same way that dreams don’t just happen to you, your emotions don’t just happen to you either.

You create your emotions and although you may not be able to directly control them, you have the power to influence them and use them in a healthy manner. All that happens is that the emotion that we have created will find some other way to express itself. This might be in a physical symptom or obsessing about a particular belief or attracting drama and crises that just seem to happen to us. The same thing happens with dream imagery.

Like the recurring dreams, emotions that we ignore will increase in vividness and intensity until they become the stuff of nightmares. Like dream imagery, emotional imagery can access to a fundamental understanding of opportunity. Working with your emotions rather than trying to control them. By understanding why you have created a particular emotion you can use it in a positive and healthy way.

By learning to observe your emotions and the imagery that you create to express them, the more that you can guide and influence your own emotions, and the more skilled that you can become in social and group situations. You can then naturally influence other people rather than feeling intimidated by them and the emotions that seem to apparently come from them that you are actually creating yourself.

The imagery and emotions that you create in your dreams are naturally identifying situations in your waking life where you have the chance to make a healthy difference. Part of this process often involves letting go of aspects of your life that are no longer fulfilling for you so that you can step into new opportunities and become the person that you really want to be.

Using the Dream Connection Process, you can create powerful questions from the dream imagery that you create and then use the answers to engage with challenges and resolve dilemmas in your day-to-day life. Your dreams are provide you with a deeper awareness and wisdom that enables you to make the right choices. A dream is just a dream until you put into action.