When you dream of being late, you are starting to feel that you are about to lose the opportunity to experience some sort of fulfilment in your waking life. The appointment or deadline in the dream is often a timetable that you have set in day-to-day life to achieve a specific ambition, such as starting a family or reaching a professional qualification.

You realize that time is running out if you want to accomplish this goal. Looking at the clock shows you have been filling your life with lots of other activities but are beginning to realize it isn’t getting you anywhere. Even though you may think that you have been working towards fulfilling your objective, you have just been going through the motions.

The more you rush to meet your appointment with your objective, then the more the opportunity seems to disappear. You may try different routes to your goal but none of them take you where you want and it is leaving you feeling frustrated and distracted. This suggests you have been avoiding certain decisions that will commit you to a particular course of action in waking life.

The more you procrastinate about this decision, the more of your time that you use up. When you actually make the commitment to purposeful action, however, then you start taking responsibility for the outcome. The more committed your action, the more time you will make to ensure your success, rather than constantly looking at the clock.

The timely message from this dream is about committing to meaningful action rather than just involving yourself in busy and meaningless activity. Until you commit to a decision, you will always find yourself hesitating and using your time ineffectively.

As soon as you commit yourself to definite action, you will find a range of opportunities opening up that will help you fulfil your goals. Once your decision is made, your direction becomes clear and you can plan your progress according to your timetable. Your time becomes your own, rather than being subject to the whims and vagaries of what is happening around you.

Although we think of the measurement of time using calendars and clocks as a relatively recent advance, we have based our lives on certain rhythms since prehistoric times. Using the cycles of the sun and the moon, we observed the progression of natural events and then used them to choose the most opportune times to take action.

In our hectic modern world, time has become our most precious commodity and there never seems to be enough of it. The more purposeful we are in our actions, however, the more we can make time for what really counts.