Dreaming about a vehicle indicates you are thinking about the path that you are currently taking through life. This is often a career path and you are usually considering how you can further yourself professionally. The most common vehicle in the dream is a car because this symbolizes your personal drive and ambition.

Larger mass transport vehicles, such as trains or buses, tend to represent teams or organizations you may be a part of. Although you may have a plan that you are carefully trying to put into practice, you aren’t able to follow the direction that you really want to go. Circumstances seem to be getting out of hand and the more you try to control the situation, the more disconnected you seem to become from it.

An imminent crash shows you are going to be in contact or conflict with something unavoidable. If you find yourself going backwards in the vehicle, particularly downhill, it shows you may be trying to reverse a decision or back out of a commitment. Loss of brakes shows that some conflict with others may be inevitable.

You would like to manoeuvre out of the circumstances, which you have found yourself in, but are concerned that it might be difficult to extricate yourself. Although you may feel withdrawing is the best way to resolve this tension, the only way forward is to regain control by facing up to the challenge that lies in front of you.

Rather than abandoning your present position, try considering the areas where you do have control. Some of these areas might not be obvious and may also require you to influence someone instead of trying to specifically control their behaviour.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others as they can help you take charge of the situation and put you firmly back in the driver’s seat. It may be difficult to accept that there are some situations that you really have no control over, but the more you try to control uncertainty, the more out of control you usually feel.

When learning to control any sort of vehicle, there are often situations where the task seems completely overwhelming. If the vehicle does not seem to be responding to our attempts to manoeuvre it, it may seem as if it has a mind of its own.

Personal transport is often associated with where we plan to go in life and what we want to achieve, and we hear this in phrases like ‘a vehicle for my ambitions’ and ‘the road to success’. We also describe our motivations as our ‘drives’, and how ‘driven’ certain people are as they progress toward a particular goal.