Although you would normally find it easy to escape from your pursuer in waking life, you just can’t escape from them in this dream. No matter how fast you run or how expertly you manage to conceal yourself, they are always there with you. This is because whatever is chasing you is always some aspect of yourself and wherever you go, there you are.

This particular aspect of your behaviour is something that you only experience in certain situations in daily life and is usually triggered by a specific event or a particular person. It isn’t the event or person, however, which is actually chasing you; it is how you perceive that person or situation and what that reflects in your own character.

The form that the pursuer takes will reveal what aspect of yourself this actually is. Being chased by an animal indicates there is an instinctive impulse that you are finding hard to contain in waking life. When a monster is pursuing you, it reflects that you have a raw and powerful talent but are finding it challenging to evolve and refine it.

If a man, woman or a gang is chasing you, then you have the opportunity to assert a particular talent but may be running away from some of the responsibilities involved in displaying your abilities. Although they seem scary, your pursuers are actually bringing your attention to unrealized powers and talents in your pursuit of fulfilment.

The way forward from this dream is to connect and engage with whatever is causing you to experience this ongoing tension in your waking life. This will usually involve stepping outside your comfort zone and taking assertive and confident action to resolve the situation and move on.

It can seem easier and more comfortable to avoid doing anything but this usually causes the tension to build up even more. Confronting the issue enables you to stop feeling like a helpless victim and enables you to confidently direct the outcome to your advantage. Rather than being pursued, you become the one pursuing your chosen opportunity.

Our modern society still reflects behavioural patterns that emerged from our hunting and gathering activities during the Stone Age. During that time, we were either chasing something because we wanted to eat it, or escaping from it because it wanted to eat us.

Even though the opportunities we chase in modern society tend to be less dangerous, we still term any activity that is meaningful for us, as a pursuit. The goals we pursue form the basis of all our hopes and aspirations and these are most clearly expressed in our dreams, whether we are asleep or awake.